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  2. How about making a Christmas mixtape? lol
  3. Very cool, I like this music.
  4. No problem bra. I got motivated to get back to Cwalk after seeing you still doing it after all those years and trying to spread it again around the world. Had to support you somehow even tho its just a little. Ps: do you remember M-Style? if so, do you remember me from back then? just curious
  5. Thank you for your support didnt expect TheCwalkMusic is gonna making a video thooo
  6. sup guys! still on time i guess?
  7. @DarkRA you are welcome!! it doesnt matter if you got rusty or tho. join the cypher man :)) thank you!
  8. Its great to see there are some people trying to keep cwalk community alive! Wish I could make video, too but feeling rusty all over. Been hell of a long time since i've done. Great job there and keep it up guys!
  9. wtitten first and talking last. little update
  10. lets do this isht!
  11. Oh yeah ! Great proposal to share and discover cwalk through the world and here. When i will be ok i will record a video and put this stuff in intro to share it in my instag, fb... For sure ! Before 2018 ! Nice job LaphStarz !
  12. thank you for your suppport! i appreciate it alot man
  13. nice! will do my next vid included these stuffs
  14. Hey #CwalkConnection, thank you for reading this topic, I really appreciate it alot! This year 2018 is just too big to handle it alone but I got the chance to work with all of you and I am sure we'll gonna take a step forward with the Maybe you have noticed that our home base is available with (from 2012), (from 2012), (in 2018), (NEW) & (NEW)... At first every link will follow to our forum and the connection but finally the adress with is made for the board. So in this periode we have to get a bit more active by posting an OFFICIAL CWALK CYPHER VIDEO AROUND THE WORLD and we will keep it simple as possible so that every Cwalk Head is posting and publishing our home as known as the #CWALKCONNECTION DOWNLOAD the INTRODUCTION video here We do not need any restriction..but the one thing we have to do is to get this walk on and to post a CWALK VIDEO NOW in 2018! We would love to see that YOU are taking part in our movement and our family to give the Cwalk what it desevers and what this is made for.. #REINVENTTHECWALK If you like to join our Cwalk Cypher with the Connection & Family then please upload your video including the description (especially made for the Cypher) to gain more attention for our Community (like the layout on the bottom below). And I just can say that a reward will be guaranteed for those who will take this challange. So that's all for now THANK YOU for your attention and I hope to see a lot of you Cwalkin around the World with the #CWALKCONNECTION
  15. this is nice dude! i watch the video and like to see some new videos in developing your style
  16. WHC is the name, we are Chinese crew, here is the latest meeting video
  17. @chae Of course you can join us mate! its nice to see a guy like you around here. whats your crew called?
  18. Can I join u? I'm from China, living at the US now, I play Cwalk for more than 7 years, also have a crew.
  19. Ich hab auch schon ein Hip Hop Beat gepostet Wie ist das andere Lied?
  20. Is ja auch alles cool, bin iwie halt von Hip-Hop Beats ausgegangen in dem Thread, aber is eigentlich auch okey so
  21. Ich bin offen für jede Musikrichtung, deswegen versuch ich alles mögliche zu machen!
  22. ^ja gut das geht ja schon in ne etwas andere Richtung als Hip-Hop?
  23. Soo @Appsta This one is my latest beat! I need more practice
  24. Not bad dude! Don't give up! More practice and you will be better! Well, I make beats for a month and that's my result: I will show you more soon... I'm tired
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