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    This work was made by @Sbtheprince in coorparation with the leaders of The #CwalkConnection. We want to collect and connect every nation because we are walking with friends and the family around the world. These countries are already in: Germany | laphStarz - Tenthclassic [TC] Brazil | Vasco Roverall - Roverallgang [R] Russia | Anika313 - El Coco Czech | Mo0rek Vietnam | NT Walkaz - CocaineHipHop Thailand | JayWiz - Jone500 & TheZooThailand Toronto | Viet Jr. - Toronto Clown Walkers [TCW] Finnland | Lizzi More informations are coming soon, so stay tuned and keep our Game alive with your passion!
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    Not bad dude! Don't give up! More practice and you will be better! Well, I make beats for a month and that's my result: I will show you more soon... I'm tired