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  1. lets do this isht!
  2. I guess we also will have some producers in here, so I want to start off and post a Beat made by myself. I know I suck at it still, but I will keep trying in my freetime as much as i can. This beats are ordered chronologically, so the first Beat is the oldest and so on. Give me some advice if you want and show your own stuff!
  3. Is ja auch alles cool, bin iwie halt von Hip-Hop Beats ausgegangen in dem Thread, aber is eigentlich auch okey so
  4. ^ja gut das geht ja schon in ne etwas andere Richtung als Hip-Hop?
  5. Hallo my fellow Board Members, I want to introduce our brand new Discord Server. It Ranking System is based on the board rankings, so as higher your rank is as more you can see and do. The purpose of it should be clear, its an easy way to communicate by speaking to each other. If someone needs advice on his walk he can get it there via other advanced Walker. If there are upcomeing Projects we can talk about them there and so on. As you probably can imagine there are some Server Rules: 1. First and most important Rule - be nice and respectful to each other 2. Use the same Name as you use on this Board, otherwise it's gonna be hard for us to identify you 3. No kicking or banning without an reasonable cause (for staff) 4. Do only invite people from this board, exceptions can be made in some cases 5. Dont spamm other Members, if you spamm staff you could get kicked 6. No useless spamming in the chat rooms So if you join the Server for the first time you wont see all Channels, first you need the rights to see through some of the Areas. We will try to be there as much as possible to grant the needed rights, if you see someone out of the staff online text this person following information; your board name and which rank you posses, if you tell a wrong name/rank it will be punished of course. So the last words to say are: Have fun chatting with each other. Many other feature are ahead so stay active, open Threads and keep the Board fresh! Here's the inviation link: If you have problems joining the server or with discord in general you can contect me, staff or just ask in this Thread. -App
  6. ^You all are welcome!
  7. So basically you can ask for help in this Thread if you're struggle learning some Moves or other things about C-Walk in general. We already have some Veteran on board, with even more than 10 years experience. So feel free to ask and I think somebody will help you for sure!
  8. Nice Work guys! Stabiles editing Sesh 😁👍🏻
  9. True words, otherwise it would die completely in some years I guess...